Directions to the Palace of Gold, New Vrindaban, and the Palace Lodge.

Directions: Do not follow your GPS!

  •  Your GPS will make you use unpaved and unmaintained roads and even cross a river bed. Visitors have experienced dangerous situations!
  •  Use our simple instructions and reach safely on paved roads, maintained also on snow days.

From North, South, East and West:

Please do not enter into your GPS the final destination because you risk that your GPS will take you down a very inconvenient route.

Instead, please first enter “Bethlehem, WV, United States” and drive on Interstate Highways only to reach Bethlehem.

  1. Follow I-70 West entering West Virginia. Take I-470 West at exit #5A
  2. Take West Virginia Exit 2 on I-470 ("Bethlehem")
  3. At Bethlehem you are now safe to enter your final GPS destination address for the New Vrindaban Krishna temple: 3759 McCrearys Ridge Rd, Moundsville WV, 26041
  4. Drive 13 miles south on Route 88 and Route 250 till you reach Limestone, here take a left for McCrearys Ridge Road
  5. Drive 4 miles to arrive at the Palace of Gold
  6. Take a slight left after passing the Palace and drive another 1/4 mile for the Krishna Temple

Download PDF directions for print

  • PDF copy of this page for print: here.